The monster

I am a scary black monster,
I've got hairy paws,
And dirty yellow teeth,
And huge sharp claws.
I've got curly horns,
Donkey tail and ears.
And I'm so scary -
Worse than all of your fears!
I appear in the dark...
I am strong and I'm fast!
I can travel to to the future
And to the past!
I can lift 80 elephants!
I can hide very well.
No gun works on me -
I've got a protective shell.
I've got poisonous spikes!
I've got a big nose.
Where will I go next?
That's what nobody knows!
I've got a good sense of hearing
And smelling, too.
I can see through thick walls,
I can easily catch you!
I can see far away,
I've got ten red eyes.
And if I get hungry,
I'll eat all your food supplies!
And if I'm still hungry,
(Which I'll probably be),
I will eat you!
For five o'clock tea!
Adults will be my main dish,
Because they are meat.
And kids will be dessert!
Because they are sweet!
Год написания:
2 018 год
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